Learning New Words

Whenever kids come across a new word in the lesson, they note down the meaning of that particular word and move on.  What if they could learn a few more words related to the new word?  For example, the word ‘forelimbs’ would be a pretty good opportunity to teach other allied words like ‘foresee’, ‘forecast’ and ‘foreword’ (and highlight the difference between ‘foreword’ and ‘forward’ too). In future if the kids come across the word ‘foreyard’, they will be able to figure out the meaning by themselves! Not only would they enrich their vocabulary, but also realize where words come from.  Learning new words can be fun.

However, with very demanding timelines to complete the syllabus, do we have enough bandwidth to explore and love the language? Moreover, why bother teaching and learning new words when such aspects of the subject are not part of any exams?

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