Regimentation of Teachers

In the last post, I wrote about regimentation of children. However, in the current education system teachers are being regimented as well.  Teachers are confined to a set plan. They have to conform to the curriculum, exam timetables, completion of the syllabus and meticulous weekly plans prepared by head teachers or class coordinators. For example, does a teacher have the flexibility to show and discuss the Gandhi movie in a class while teaching India’s freedom struggle? Could a four-hour movie fit into the school timetable? Many children learn Sanskrit or a foreign language like German or French in school. Do teachers have the time and freedom to plan a small skit or show some interesting videos in these languages?

The purpose of syllabus and textbooks should be to define learning goals and provide reference material. Strict adherence to completing the textbook lessons takes away all the creativity and fun in teaching as well as learning. Teachers should get more flexibility, freedom and room to apply their own mind.

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