Reservation: Lack of Information and Perspective

I have heard and seen quite a few discussions in person and on the social media on the occasion of Dr. Amdedkar’s birth anniversary. Obviously, reservation system (affirmative action) was the main topic of interest for most people. Many, even those who are least bothered about any other social issue, have an opinion on this particular topic. I don’t expect everyone to have a balanced or an unbiased view on the topic. However, people passionately discuss, debate and mislead others without checking their facts and that is worrisome.

One of the biggest sources of this problem is that the topic of reservations is not taught in schools. This is an important topic closely related to students’ higher education, their career and more importantly to their being a citizen. And yet it is not included in the school curriculum. The philosophy and thought process behind reservations, the difference between poverty eradication and reservations, the difference between political and educational reservations, the regular reviews of the reservation policy that take place, etc need to be included in the school curriculum and should be taught as part of civics course.  Our school curriculums cannot abstain from the topic which plays an important role in our educational and political institutions. Since we do not provide any information on reservations, nor do we encourage any thinking or discussions on the same, we have created a generation of young adults who are misinformed on this topic. The policy, which is an example of generous social justice, is looked down upon as an example of severe injustice. Education should not only teach us the concept of social justice but also help develop a reasonable, generous perspective to comprehend it.

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